Executive and business coaching
for women

While equality of opportunity and experience in the business world is certainly improving, and while my coaching approach remains the same regardless of the gender of my client, I do find some themes recur among my female clients more strongly and more often. Examples of such topics include how to:

  • Raise and redress issues of inequality
  • Negotiate strongly regarding promotions/salary expectations
  • Juggle work and family demands
  • Deal with unhelpful organisational cultures
  • Return to work after break for children
  • Cope with feelings of guilt regarding time away from family
  • Gain clarity around career goals and growth opportunities
  • Consider options that are outside the mainstream career path

Of course, I don’t mean to suggest that these issues are pertinent only to women; men face many of these same challenges.  However, having and raising children and/or supporting other family members, tend to affect women’s careers more significantly than those of men.  Also, as most workplaces are still male-dominated, particularly at senior-management levels, issues around equality and access to power are often trickier for women to manage.