Are you willing to come in for a ‘chemistry meeting’ and/or to discuss how you might be able to help me/us?

Yes, of course. We would arrange a mutually convenient time and I would come to your office.

What are your fees?

My fee depends on the scope of each particular contract. I would prepare a brief proposal for you on the basis of our conversation.

Do you have a typical time frame for a programme of individual executive coaching?

I usually suggest arranging a 6 session, or 6 month, programme that we can review and extend as appropriate.

Do you only work face-to-face with your clients?

I prefer to work face-to-face whenever possible but I do also work by Skype or phone with some of my clients -- many of whom live and work overseas.

Do you provide workshops/training programmes?

Yes, on several topics, for instance teaching coaching skills to managers, time/stress management and many others. I am happy to come and discuss what might most be useful to you.

Are your sessions confidential?

Yes, the content of my discussions with my individual clients is always held in confidence.

Do you have experience working with people at all levels in an organisation?

Yes, I have clients who are board members, CEOs and GMs as well as people who are far more junior in the organisation.