Outplacement services

Outplacement services provide guidance and support to outgoing members of an organisation, usually when their positions have been made redundant.  It can be immensely valuable for people who are facing involuntary unemployment to have objective, professional support to help them to come to terms with their situation and prepare themselves for a productive and satisfying future.  

Being seen to offer outplacement services can also be of tremendous value to the organisation itself as it can:

  • Signal how seriously an organisation takes the well-being of its employees
  • Prevent unwanted turnover among redundancy ‘survivors’ who may otherwise have panicked and ‘jumped ship’
  • Cut down absenteeism and disaffection among those left after a reorganisation
  • Relieve management pressure from the fallout from the redundancy process
  • Reduce the likelihood of unfair dismissal litigation claims
  • Protect the company’s reputation as a fair employer

I would be happy to discuss with you how I can provide outplacement support for you and your employees.  Typically I would meet with the you and the individual(s) concerned to develop a programme of support according to the specific situation.  The support would help those affected to:

  • Think openly and broadly about new options and directions
  • Consider the implications of each route they might take
  • Identify skill/experience gaps and devise strategies for how to fill them
  • Explore issues of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Identify barriers to progress and tools for how to deal with them
  • Set goals for a positive road ahead

If you would like to discuss how I could provide outplacement support for any of your employees facing redundancy, or any other career-related challenges, please get in touch.