Coaching fees

Private coaching:

If you are an individual, paying for your own coaching, I offer an introductory phone call (15 mins or so) at no cost to explore the issues for which you’re seeking support and help you decide whether you’d like to go ahead.  Also, I do offer unlimited email and phone contact between all coaching sessions.

As it can be hard to know whether you have found the right coach for you, or even whether coaching is the right move for you, I do offer a one-off, 60 min session for first-time clients for which the cost is:

  • £110

However, if you are pretty sure you would like to book a coaching session (especially after our introductory phone call) then I do suggest you opt for the normal session length of 90 mins.  I have learned over time that one hour is really too short to cover all the issues clients want to explore.  The cost for a 90 minute session is:

  • £220

If at any point, you’d prefer to opt for a block of 6, 9 or 12 sessions my fees are discounted as follows:

  • A block of 6 sessions: 5% discount
  • A block of 9 sessions: 7.5% discount
  • A block of 12 sessions: 10% discount

In all cases, the coaching support includes unlimited email and phone contact.  We will arrange the session dates and times to best suit you.  We can also split the 90 mins up into more frequent, but shorter, appointments if that works better for you — we work all that out as we go along.  

All fees are inclusive of VAT

Corporate coaching:

If you are interested in discussing a coaching programme for yourself or one or more of your employees, or would like to hear about bespoke talks and workshops that I can offer, please get in touch.  I would be happy to come to your office to discuss your needs and then develop a proposal for you on the basis of our conversation.