Executive Testimonials

Mike Ashley
Chief Commercial Officer

Sally Ann has helped me think differently.  She has guided me to process my thoughts in a more orderly, structured way. Meeting Sally Ann has genuinely been life changing as it led to me taking the biggest decision I have ever made.  I have not looked back since.

Law Firm Partner

Sally got me through my Partnership assessment! She is a brilliant coach, business minded but also emotionally intelligent.

Brad Solomon
Managing Director
CTG Group

I have worked with Sally Ann since late 2003 engaging with her as a Business Performance coach. Her natural calm disposition coupled with a deep incisiveness in her questions and reflections have always inspired me to challenge and stretch myself in both good and tougher times. Sally Ann is both empathic and full of commercial experiences which were two qualities I look for in a Business Coach. Sally Ann has been able to help me and my Organisation align business strategy with personal values in a short yet critical period of time for our Team. Thank you for your insights.

International Account Director
Travel Industry

As my business and personal coach for many years now Sally Ann has not only helped me to continually achieve my professional goals but has also taught me that anything in life is possible.

Adriana Bokel-Herde
VP People Services

I have participated in Sally Ann’s Coaching Program and it has been transformational for me. I am grateful as well for the opportunity to have Sally Ann as my coach in a couple occasions which I needed someone with a great balance between empathy and challenge.  I always felt very comfortable around Sally Ann and was able to work through some difficult things with her. I am grateful that Sally Ann and I crossed paths and I would reach out to her again and again.

Iain C
Managing Director
Support Services Sector

Sally Ann creates an atmosphere of trust and openness that allows me to get to the heart of the challenging business issues I face. She analyses, challenges and supports in equal measure, a combination that inevitably clears the path for me to focus on what matters, both professionally and personally.

Gary Parkin
Partnered Thinking Ltd

Sally Ann opened my eyes to the true value coaching can bring to the workplace. She designed and implemented a regional Coaching For Leaders programme, recognised as best practice, introducing fundamental skills leading to improved conversations around performance.

Fiona Tomlin
Vice President & Global Sector Leader Feminine Care
FMCG company

I’ve been working with Sally Ann for the last few years and I have found her approach to executive coaching invaluable to my development.

She strikes a fantastic balance between understanding how organizations work and therefore offering very useful and practical  advice and tips on how to navigate your way in complex multi matrix companies, and understanding me as an individual with my personal and professional needs and opportunities, which adds depth to her advice to me.  I have personally benefitted enormously from working with Sally Ann and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking executive coaching.

Gustavo Calvo Paz
President, EMEA
FMCG company

Sally Ann has been my executive coach for over three years, working with me to ensure I become a stronger, inspirational global leader.