About Me (Executive Coach)

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Dr. Sally Ann Law

I am an executive coach with over 15 years experience coaching senior executives and business leaders in the UK and international companies.  I have a doctoral degree in psychology and over three decades experience in individual and organisational change and development.  During my years as a research scientist at the RAND Corporation in the US, I consulted on projects for the UN, the World Bank, the EC the OECD and many others, including the US and UK Governments.  I was also the UK and European Faculty Head of the Behavioral Coaching Institute for 3 years.

I have lived and worked in Germany, the United States and the UK and I believe my training and background enable me to work with people at the most senior levels in organisations with confidence and credibility.  Furthermore, as I myself have had an international career, it helps me understand the particular challenges facing those of my clients who are, or who have been, based abroad or who are responsible for managing international teams.

In my work as an executive coach, I aim to provide value to the individual client as well as to the organisation which is sponsoring the coaching programme.  I support my clients to become more effective, inspirational and strategic leaders, and in doing so, provide value to their organisation as as result.