Career Change

It is very difficult to make career decisions confidently when you feel trapped and anxious, especially if you feel responsible for others at the same time.  However, you really owe it to yourself (and to those to whom you are a role model) to find a way to be both personally and professionally fulfilled as well as accountable to those you care about and respect.  As a life coach, I provide support for clients who are:

  • Looking to make more out of their current career
  • Unhappy at work
  • Unemployed and looking for a new direction
  • Entering or re-entering the workforce
  • Trying to work out personal career goals and strategies
  • Changing jobs and/or fields
  • Thinking about becoming self-employed
  • Retraining or considering taking full- or part-time courses

If you would like some coaching support with issues such as these, I can help you:

  • Take stock of your current situation
  • Sort out what’s important—and what’s not
  • Identify realistic options
  • Acknowledge potential stumbling blocks and how to overcome them
  • Raise and discuss anxieties and fears
  • Feel positive about taking up the challenge
  • Prioritise short-, medium- and long-term goals and strategies