Happiness and Fulfilment

I think we all know that money doesn’t bring us happiness and yet many people end up living a life that seems to be all about chasing more and more wealth.  People get caught on the ‘hedonistic treadmill’ where the more money they earn, the more they consume, then the more they need to earn again – and so it goes on!

If this sounds a little (or a lot) like your situation, I’d like to help you find ways to get off the treadmill – or at least slow it down!  I could help you assess all your options, even the ones you feel are out of reach, and help you make smart choices based on your values, your strengths and what really matters to you.  Your happiness depends to a very great extent on the degree to which your life as you live it allows you to put your values and talents into action.  I feel you owe it to yourself to live as happy and fulfilled a life as possible as anything less feels like such a waste.