Interpersonal Communication

How you communicate with others can have a huge impact on how successful and happy your life is.  Some people seem to be always naturally at ease no matter where they are or who they’re talking to.  However, most people find at least certain situations or types of people quite difficult to deal with.  I think it’s always worth trying to figure out if there are things you could do to have smoother, more productive, relationships with key people in your life.

These people could be your boss or your team members – or they could be your partner, your children or your family and friends.  At the core of all relationships is language and, with guidance, you can learn to stand back and consider how you interact with different people and think about whether those relationships are as good as they could be.  I think, if you really stop to think about it, there are probably lots of situations where if you’d behaved differently, or expressed yourself differently, you’d have experienced a much more positive outcome.

I can help you explore your key relationships with others and help you work out what you could do to make them richer and more rewarding.