Time and Stress Management

I’m betting you’re well aware how many things you have on your plate and how little time you seem to have to do them all. When you feel out of control, it’s natural to feel distressed which in turn then can make you feel even more frantic and then, of course, even more stressed.  The whole situation can become a vicious circle which can feel impossible to break out of.

The good news is that if you step back and really look at how your life’s organised there are usually lots of changes you can make to help you feel more in control.  There are many, often really simple, time management tips and tricks that can make a real difference.  Sometimes it’s as simple as realising you can in fact say ‘No’ to a particular request, or having a straightforward conversation with someone to explain why something is troubling you and that you’d like to seek an alternative that works for you both.  Planning your time better is also often a key component to life-long time and stress management.

I have run many time and stress management workshops and would be happy to help you really look at what’s tripping you up and bringing down your quality of life.  I do think it’s really worth figuring out what you could do differently as soon as possible so you can avoid the vicious circle trap – or break out of it if it’s happening to you.