Why work with a life coach?

It can be hard to work out what to do first when we’re faced with problems to solve, especially when the stakes feel high.  

My clients come to me to work out answers to tricky questions and challenges they are facing and make plans for positive change.  As a psychologist and a master coach, I am skilled at listening carefully and asking helpful and thought-provoking questions. I help my clients to:

  • See themselves more clearly and become aware of blind spots
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles
  • Notice ineffective and/or self-sabotaging behaviours

Armed with more self-awareness, self-belief and strategies, my clients are then in a much better position to start making the positive changes that will make a real difference to their lives.  

Examples of situations that I could help you with are:

  • Making decisions about work and career
  • Deciding what to do about one or more relationships
  • Learning how to handle difficult conversations assertively and effectively
  • Setting goals and following through to execute plans
  • Making choices that make you happier/more fulfilled
  • Developing resilience to cope with setbacks