How I can help you

I have been coaching senior executives and business leaders in UK and international companies for over 15 years.  My aim as a coach is to support my clients in the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis running companies, making decisions, managing teams, inspiring team members – in short, being the best at their job as it’s possible to be.

My corporate client base comprises the following types of people:

  • Board members and senior executives
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Small- and medium-sized business owners and their staff
  • Top organisational talent and high-potential new hires
  • Employees with specific development challenges

I work with the majority of my corporate clients in face-to-face meetings.  When logistics require, I also work via Skype and telephone.  The specifics of each coaching contract differ depending on the requirements of each organisation.  I prepare a coaching proposal on the basis of my conversations with the appropriate decision-makers within each organisation. 

To discuss my services, please contact me.